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Project Description

A standard website is tailored to Outcome's needs.

The company Outcome was founded by Þórðir Höskuldsson and Erla Magnúsdóttir in 2014 to develop and sell survey software, and the survey system is today the only software of its kind that is based on Icelandic ingenuity and takes particular account of the needs of society and business.

The company provides both technology and know-how in electronic surveys, electronic voting and other information gathering via the Internet.

The company’s staff has extensive experience in this field. All development of systems and implementation of projects takes into account the needs of Icelandic society. Emphasis is placed on good service and positive communication with customers while respecting freedom and the right to privacy.

Surveys, polls and other solutions are based on the company’s own software solutions, and thus it is possible to meet the wishes and needs of customers and even develop solutions with individual customers.

Flexibility, trust and honesty are the foundations of Survey’s activities