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Vefsida now offers WordPress online stores in Iceland a connection to Gorilla Warehouse. A modern warehouse that solves problems.

The philosophy behind Górilla warehouse is that with a shared warehouse, staff, cars, tools and equipment, they can offer better service, lower operating costs and simpler operations for online stores and wholesalers. Enable mid-sized businesses to deliver first-class service with a flexible operating environment, while customers pay only for the space – and work – required at any given time.

You can have products sent directly to Górilla Warehouse from the manufacturer. Or bring products yourself.

In their warehouse at Vatnagörður 22, hundreds of orders for 50+ companies are processed every day, and they also receive product shipments from manufacturers at home and abroad.

Contact us at or on the Gorilla website for more information.

You can also download a promotional brochure at Gorilla Warehouse website.